A thriving happy humanity

This research will help setting the baseline on which the new social project will be developed.

The ultimate goal is be able to thrive in justice, peace and happiness as an egalitarian united humanity.

This project will use methods and tools, currently used to improve the profit in corporations, to develop and then implement the starter plan that will be documented and replicable

The means are given from current science and knowledge. Theories from past and today that are in the various phases of being boycotted by the current system main actors.

Although not believing in politic for social improvement, this project will focus on how to enable the people to start independently the automatic mechanisms that will enable this next step in social evolution.

Within the enablers Permaculture, Open Source Ecology, Direct Democracy, Non-violence principles, Cooperation,  Association for ownership of means of production and land as starter.

All of this will be documented, discussed and developed on these pages.

Feel free to join with your comments, critiques and suggestions at each of the specific topics.

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